LegitGrailsDesigner Item Authentication

Cutting-edge software for secure authentication of branded goods

Item categories we authenticate:
Bags & wallets
Sneakers & other shoes
Jewellery & watches
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Why LegitGrails
Reliable Authentication
Verified by experts and backed by our AI system, ensuring accurate and objective authentication results.
Extensive Brand Coverage
Check a diverse selection of designer brands, including high-end luxury bags, clothing,
accessories, and sneakers.
Tracking Dashboard & Support
Track the progress of your authenticity checks with our dashboards and get 24/7 assistance if needed.
Advanced features for businesses
Maximize efficiency of your operations and use custom features to increase the product value of your items.

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Authenticate in 3 steps
Top-up your
balance & submit your order
You will find step-by-step instructions on how to do that after you regsiter.
Let our AI & human authenticators do the job
We combine AI precision with human expertise to make the most accurate decisions possible.
Track progress
& manage orders,
all in one place
You will receive an outcome & a certificate within the selected answer time or sooner.
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Buy More,Pay Less
1 Credit = 1 USD
Credit Bonus
3 000
Credit Bonus
10 000 Credits
Credit Bonus

Bigger Packages = Bigger Bonuses
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Track Progress On The Go
Submit and monitor your authenticity checks conveniently from your mobile device
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