How LegitGrails Authentication Works
Market leading solution designed for advanced verification of branded items.
Authenticate in 3 steps
Top-up your authentication balance
Before you can submit your items for authentication, you'll need to add funds to your account by purchasing LegitGrails Credits.
Submit items for authentication
Once your balance is topped up, you can submit your items for authentication. You can do this by uploading images of your items and providing any necessary information, such as the brand and item type.
Track progress and receive results
Once your items have been submitted, you can track their progress using the dashboard. Additionally, you'll receive notifications when the results of the authentication are available.

Make the most of your account

Uploading Images
Tracking Progress
Following Photo Requests
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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is behind authentication?
At LegitGrails, authentication experts are divided into teams based on brand categories. The authentication managers are highly experienced professionals with previous experience in marketplaces, some of whom have worked directly with represented brands. LegitGrails also invests in building an AI system to help authenticators be more precise.
Do I need to submit orders manually?
Currently, the only option is to manually upload photos to the Platform. We plan to introduce a more efficient method for uploading photos in the future. For an API solution, please check out the Business Solutions page.
Do you provide a certificate?
Yes, with each authentication with a certain outcome (Authentic or Fake) you can generate a certificate for free.
What are accepted payment methods?
Clients from the EU can use Stripe (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) for payment. Clients outside of the EU can use both Stripe and PayPal for payment.
Do you provide invoices for businesses?
Yes, we do. If you are a business, you can register as such or change your settings in the Account Settings section. We recommend using Stripe for automatic invoice generation with your company details.
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