Automate authentication of branded items via API
Market leading solution designed for advanced, quick and accurate verification of branded items.
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why integrate with LegitGrails

Access streamlined authentication processes, enhanced efficiency, customization, real-time updates, and secure data transmission for a seamless and reliable authentication experience.


Seamlessly submit and manage large volumes of authentications without manual intervention


Automate tasks such as submitting authentications, receiving photo requests, and retrieving outcomes


Tailor your API integration to match your unique business needs, aligning with your company goals

How we integrate
Read the API documentation and get your test client ID & Token from our team
Test it out
Try out different actions using your test credentials to make sure everything works as it should.
Integrate & go live
Get your live Client ID & Token, then switch your API Integration to LIVE mode.

LegitGrails Authentication API

Access our verification system easily with our REST API. It provides JSON responses and ensures security using OAuth 2.0 for access control and managing usage limits. Create & update authentication requests, submit & resubmit photos, receive updates & outcomes.

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Monthly 500K+ authentications
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Handles 10K requests per second
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Uptime of 99.9% last year

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